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The artisans of Detroit.

As Roastmasters, we take our cues from the artisans of Europe. Detroit was once a beacon for such craftsman, and you can still see their handiwork in magnificent structures all over our city, such as the Guardian Building. Our goal as Roastmasters is to combine the Old World traditions of Europe with the innovation of the New World using coffee as our medium/material. We are fascinated by the infinite complexities found in coffee, and its limitless potential.

Francesco Launi was our first Roastmaster. He meticulously measured each roast, listening, smelling, and watching. Under the guidance of Greg Miracle, our founder, he brought consistency to the roasting process through the implementation of scientific methods derived from painstaking research, and verified the results with advanced color scoring equipment and extensive quality controls. We still follow their processes systematically to this day. Frank trained our current Roastmaster, James Cadariu, and handed him the Roasmaster’s lab coat with intertwined Italian and American flags.This apprenticeship bore fruit as James has continued to refine our roasting profiles, and has applied updated technology to further perfect these processes. He has also traveled extensively throughout our source countries, fostering valued relationships with many of our farmers whose lives are devoted to the sustainable cultivation of the exceptional coffees we offer.

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