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389 Enterprise Court Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Phone: 248.745.0000


Monday - Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm

The Roastery is a place where worlds collide in the best of ways: agriculture meets science and manufacturing; the sensory world meets manual labor; and subjective taste meets objective cupping scores. The Roastery is a hive of activity. Beans arrive in customary jute sacks stenciled proudly with identification of farm, region, or country of origin; wrapped and strapped on wooden pallets. The first cut as we slice open each bag produces an aroma rarely equaled in this world. You feel transported to Colombia, to Costa Rica, or Brazil.

The roaster creaks to life early in the morning like the boiler on a ship at sea. The soft hum of the spinning drums provides a brief prelude to the staccato of beans cascading into the roasters’ charging hoppers, tumbling in the revolving drums heated by ribbons of fire, and exploding into the frenetic commotion of first crack. Aromatic smoke rises into the air as the drum doors are opened and snapping beans spill into the perforated cooling trays accompanied by the drone of massive cooling fans and the whining crescendo of the de-stoner.

Then comes the measuring. We roast with art, science, and consistent repetition, always attempting to perfectly reproduce the native sweetness of each coffee’s origin. We measure first with scales and scientific color scoring equipment, logging every variable in the roasting database. Then we taste – cupping the coffees for quality and consistency with each roast. With a knowing smile on our faces indicating final approval, the beans are packaged with care and sent into the world. It is a never-ending symphony of sights, sounds, aromas, and activity from morning ‘til night.

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